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Connector explores the future for clients by conceiving, prototyping and developing ideas that build brand, grow market share, enhance employee engagement and increase revenue. Our purpose is to lead the way with fearless innovation and collaboration to achieve success with ideas that inspire us all to grow exponentially.

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BWG Food Service
Bord Bia

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IMC European Awards 2017 IMC European Awards 2017
Gold Winner
Digital Communications
APMC Awards 2017 APMC Awards 2017
Gold Winner
Best Use of Digital & Social Media
Event Industry Awards 2017
Finalist - Best Event Innovation
Event Industry Awards 2017
Finalist - Technology Award
An Post Smart Marketing Awards 2016 An Post Smart Marketing
Awards 2016
Gold Winner
Technology / Innovation Category
An Post Smart Marketing Awards 2016 An Post Smart Marketing
Awards 2016
Bronze Winner
Advertising Category
Eir Spiders: Shortlistee 2016 Eir Spiders: Shortlistee 2016
Best Small Agency
Eir Spiders: Shortlistee 2015 Eir Spiders: Shortlistee 2015
Best Small Agency

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