Campaign: #ItsWahWay

Helping Irish people pronounce pronounce ‘Wah-Way’

Huawei’s aimed to become the most talked about smartphone brand on the market.  However, to be the most talked about smartphone brand on the market we needed to ensure the public could pronounce Huawei properly!

We kicked off the campaign surveying people on the most difficult words to pronounce, the top tongue twisters and the most difficult Irish names, this created a hook to get coverage in multiple national media publications and promote the activations. 

We teamed up with popular YouTubers such as Senan Byrne, Cal Arnold and Clisare whose work regularly go viral with their comedy videos influenced by Irish people and Irish culture. Together, we created funny videos that taught people how to pronounce Huawei. 

As part of the campaign, we also released an ad for radio and Spotify which made light of different Irish accents and all the funny ways Huawei gets mispronounced. 

The public also got involved too! We gave away Mate 20 Lites to our Facebook fans who posted the most creative videos of them saying 'It's Wah-Way'!

The fun didn’t stop there! We also headed to university campuses with MC Marcus O’Laoire to encourage students to spin the Huawei spinning wheel and have a chance to win a Mate 20 Lite.  We brought the message to life by visiting the 3 main campuses in Dublin and engaging hundreds of students. 

Influencers and journalists were also gifted with a ‘Huawei Pronunciation Box’ that yelled WAH-WAY as it was opened and challenged people to pronounce Huawei. Inside included a Huawei Mate 20 Lite and branded goodies too!

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