Digital Product: HONOR Pulse

HONOR wanted to stimulate brand awareness and provide an incentive for the salesforce of the mobile phone operators to join the community and encourage people to buy HONOR products. The main goal was to create a direct, real-time communication channel with the all-important sales people as opposed to a passive website. We designed and built a  strong platform to nurture relationships, educating and entertaining people while being GDPR compliant.


The  platform is available across OS App, Android App and Web and offersApp and : 


  • Training - Watch regular tutorials which will keep you informed about all HONOR handset functionalities.
  • Quizzes - Participate in fun weekly quizzes where you can learn more about HONOR and win prizes while doing so.
  • Leaderboard - Compete against your colleagues and move up the leaderboard to earn exclusive gifts. 
  • Updates - Receive push notifications which will inform you about quizzes, giveaways, product news and more. 
  • Assistance - Get in contact with your local HONOR rep in one click.


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