UX Design & Service Design: Transitions

Designing a platform for adoption

Transitions identified a big opportunity to tap into partners such as retailers, ECPs, labs and lenscasters to drive brand awareness.

Their target audiences are time poor and not always technically skilled. Connector ran a design sprint with the Transitions team to define how to educate their clients in an entertaining way that will keep them engaged, informed and willing to promote the brand.

Our new approach simplifies the use of Transitions marketing materials and helps their clients grow their business with Transitions.

The platform allowed for brand consistency showcasing the best content that competitors don't have, helped rejuvenate the brand and achieve more exposure across all channels.

"Transitions have complex sales channels and many varying clients with varying sales content needs.  Connector helped us design a solution for partners to deliver more consistent communications. Transitions agile approach and openness to co-creation with Connector paid off and helped us design a platform that our research shows that people love."

Charlotte Hamel

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