Social Content: HONOR UK

Giving HONOR a new social presence

HONOR social media presence is dedicated to sharing news and stories about the company’s bold moves and latest product launches. When we took over, we needed to and improve performance, activate the channels, engage the community and deliver value.

Our content strategy was simple — be relevant, valuable & entertaining. 

By creating content in new ways — through photographer spotlights, photo challenges, topical posts, tutorials, games, canvasses, interactive images — we explored formats to actively inspire people to see the unseen, take more photos, talk with the brand and celebrate creativity.

We also provided the HONOR social accounts with a new brand voice with positive interactions with followers through playful comments, fun GIFs and cheeky replies. 

In the first thirty days, we increased accounts engagement by 4x times, moving the UK from the worst-performing HONOR market in Europe to the best one. 

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