Fast Forward

Freemasons Hall, 30th of January 2020

Stay ahead of the game with this one-day practical experience to explore new ideas and tools of leadership, digital marketing, experience design, innovation, technology & privacy.

Learn by doing

We are not just about talking, here you put ideas and tools into practice with challenges to build your skills.

Meet The Experts 

Our team have real-world experience and will bring you new perspectives, inspiration, examples and insights.

Make New Connections

By bringing out the collective intelligence of the group, you’ll get new perspectives and make new connections.




Be A Leader, Not A Boss

We are past the industrial revolution where command-and-control leadership works. Learn how to be a leader, not a boss by creating a connection with others by active listening, develop self-management skills to stop decide how you respond under pressure, discover how to have difficult conversations and envision your best year yet.


10:30 – 11:30

Hacking Diversity & Inclusion

A diverse team generates more creative ideas and gives organisations a unique competitive edge. Examine your bias, be challenged to the world from a new perspective and explore potential measures to foster an inclusive team environment. 


11:30 –  12:00

The Pain-Free GDPR Session

Ask (anonymously) everything you wanted to know about GDPR but were afraid to ask. Our expert will answer all your questions about the implications for each marketing activity in a way that you can finally understand. 


12:00 –  13:00

Influencer Marketing Beyond #AD

Influencer marketing continues to boom, but are influencers really worth it? Discover the upcoming trends, the best due diligence practices and the most advanced ways of measuring results.


13:00 –  14:30 

Digital Marketing In 2020

Explore the key digital trends for 2020 on what you need to know in the year ahead across media, consumer, platforms and unpack how these trends can help you create business opportunities.


14:00 – 15:30 

Experience Design Masterclass

Explore the coolest experiences designed around the globe and learn the thinking and the tools to create your own epic experiences.


15:30 – 16:30

Innovation Game

Get refreshed and inspire with the Connector Innovation Game, we want to help transform your thinking and inspire you to create new products, services and even new business models.


16:30 – 18:00

Designing for Conversations 

By employing a chat-first strategy, any organization can drive sales, provide efficient customer service, enhance their brand experience and inspire loyalty from their customers. In this short and sweet prototyping workshop, you will learn more about chatbots and build your own prototype.




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