Connector partnered with Littlewoods to connect the online and offline.

Connector partnered with Littlewoods for the past two years to help them launch their VByVery seasonal fashion range.

The most recent was their #VByVeryAW18 launch in the Mansion House where we built the first bullet time rig in Ireland. This solution uses multiple cameras to catch high definition images which are then stitched together to create an immersive 3D world

For the #VByVerySS18 launch, we created a unique mirror GIF Booth in which people could step in, take a GIF and instantly share it on their social media profiles!

For the #VByVeryAW17 fashion launch, we were the first people to bring the 360 Fashion Cam to Ireland. Guests were able to record a video by inserting their phones onto an extended arm which was attached to a circular platform. The guests would stand on the circular platform and the arm would then swing around as the video records.

The result was a seamless breathtaking video which spins around the person standing on the platform, showing off the amazing outfits of the guests from every angle.