Huawei #OO

Connector joined Huawei’s global teaser campaign with clear goals: intrigue, provoke interest and create a buzz!

Overnight, the #OO hashtag, a symbol of relentless creativity took over Ireland! This bold invitation to change the way you see the world and the mysterious URL started to appear everywhere from big building wraps, digital pods, outdoors, cinema ads, digital banners, social media and more.

We created a social media-powered website and invited people to join the conversation and use the hashtag to spread the word and reveal what #OO was all about. Every interaction such as a post or a ‘like’ exposed pixels on the website and brought people one step closer to unveiling the secret new product.

To help build anticipation, we invited Ireland’s top influencers such as Cian Twomey, Vogue Williams and Bressie to recruit their followers to help reveal what #OO was all about. When the big day arrived to unveil the mystery, the last pixels were revealed and our brand ambassadors Darren Kennedy and Roz Purcell took over the Huawei social media channels to offer an insider’s view of the exclusive Huawei P9 launch event in London.

In two weeks, over 100,000 people interacted contributing to revealing the new smartphone. Huawei Ireland led the way by getting the best results from the global launch, increasing the fan base more than top European countries and even receiving more mentions than the campaign superstar @HenryCavil.

In just three weeks Huawei achieved 50% channel growth, 4.2 million social media impressions and over 100,000 interactions. This resulted in 30x more engagement than Samsung achieved during its S7 launch campaign in Ireland at the same time.