Innovation Game

Connector flew to Zurich on the 5th of October 2018 to play the Connector Innovation Game with over 500 EY staff.

We modified our cards to suit EY, providing the players with an effective ‘innovation hack’ that would help them explore the creation of new products, services, or smart objects in minutes.

We challenged our guests to show off their creativity by playing the innovation hack game we developed to inspire creativity in a fun and interactive way.

15 teams were selected at random by our Games Master Greg Fry to come up onstage to pitch their brilliant ideas. Extra points were given to ideas that can be implemented in the financial services or the workplace. Two prizes – Best Pitch and Best Idea – were given, judged by a panel including Marcel Van Loo, Liz Whitfield, Andreas Blumer, Peppi Schnieper, Darko Stefanoski and Connector’s Conor Lynch. The awards were announced at dinner reception that evening.

The night was a huge success, our guests really enjoyed the Innovation Game, and managed to come up with some very innovative ideas.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended and took part. Us at Connector definitely had a good time in Zurich!

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