- Digital and Social Media Marketing Training

Connector creates smart corporate gifts and games that last forever!

We design extraordinary personalised gifts that connect your brand with your audience and make a long lasting impact both offline and online.

Our Clients

BWG Food Service
Bord Bia

We empower brands to bring their offerings to life and delight the chosen ones!

We co-create exceptional gifts with you to act as emotional triggers so you can connect and build meaningful relationships with people.


Infographics A collection of beautifully designed infographics made to send to clients and prospects. Created by mixing data insights with cutting-edge analytics to inform business professionals and help them make smarter decisions.

Connector Brainstorm Chocolate The most delicious framework for groups to work creatively and collaboratively to generate new ideas!

Innovation Game A card game that provides companies with an effective ‘innovation hack’ that helps players explore the creation of new products, services or smart objects in minutes!

Huawei Snapys Viewmaster A nostalgic Viewmaster was personalised with Instagram photos from top Irish influencers, the perfect surprise for receive! We created branded devices and boxes for maximum impact!


  • We were very impressed with the team from Connector when they created and launched Greens & Co for us. They did a great job with the new website and social media campaign. They are a creative, responsive team delivering good results for us.

    Anne Gallagher, BWG
  • It was fantastic to work with the Connector team who worked not only professionally but also with extraordinary dedication and love on the development of the Huawei Snapys awards. They did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them to others looking for a digital agency to do website design, development and digital marketing.

    Justin Costello, Sales & Marketing Manager, Huawei Ireland

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