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We are excited to tell you about a world first to celebrate the launch of our Connector Universe infographic, we sent it on a real space adventure!

On 4th May, the infographic took flight on a personalised rocket and went where no infographic has gone before. Into space!

Working in partnership with a near-space photography specialist, we launched the rocket on a weather balloon in Shrewsbury, Wales. The rocket carried two cameras and a Raspberry Pi computer for logging altitude, temperature and GPS position. It also included a parachute to ensure safe landing as it reached over 30km over earth.

We prepared this Connector Universe infographic as a tool for Irish businesses who want to learn more about the universe of online communities for food, fashion, sports, technology and much more.

It was created by collating stats from the Global Web Index Q4 2016, including information from a socio-demographic perspective such as gender, percentage of users per age group, relationship status and time spent social networking.

We also included the identification of key opinion leaders and influencers across many communities in Ireland.

We are delighted to share our gift of knowledge and are inviting journalists, businesses and creatives to conquer a universe of possibilities. You can request one by emailing us at

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