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The Huawei Snapys Launch Night Video is Now Live

The Huawei Snapys Launch Night Video is Now Live

Watch our launch night video!

If you saw the blog post over on then you’ll know all about the fun we had at The Huawei Snapys 2016 Launch Night hosted at the Connector open innovation studio.

Today we are thrilled to share The Huawei Snapys 2016 Launch Night Video! Check it out to look back on all the action that went down.

Remember The Huawei Snapys is now open for entry all you have to do is use the hashtag #huaweisnapys and the custom category hashtag in the description when you post your snaps on Instagram. Find the full list of category hashtags and get voting HERE. Why not keep up to date on the awards over on the Huawei Snapys Twitter and Instagram.

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