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Connector launches Ireland’s first messaging bot!

Connector launches Ireland’s first messaging bot!

Connector is proud to introduce you to our newest team member and very own marketing innovation expert, Ava, our Facebook (…)

Connector is proud to introduce you to our newest team member and very own marketing innovation expert, Ava, our Facebook Messenger chat bot.

How people are connecting with brands through technology is constantly evolving from SMS to messaging to chat. With 1.9 million Facebook Messenger users and 1.7 million WhatsApp users in Ireland, the use of these platforms is incredibly prevalent and brand incorporation is key.

We have passed through an era of apps and playful UI (user interface) and have come back around to a simpler and more direct user experience.

With a mix of AI (artificial intelligence) and human service, a smart brand and organisation are enriching interactions with their audiences to feel both familiar and welcome, while delivering a great deal of value.

Exploring this trend, we are delighted to announce Ava –  a fast and personal way to connect our fellow innovators and marketers to help them map their marketing innovation score and provide the resources and expertise that they need, when and where they need it.

Commenting on our latest innovation, Connector’s CEO Conor Lynch said: “We are a team of innovators and are delighted to have our first bot on the team. She is designed to help communicate with visitors to our Facebook page and help us demonstrate the creativity of the Connector Open Innovation Studio. By employing a chat-first strategy, any organisation can drive sales, provide efficient customer service, enhance the brand experience and encourage loyalty from their customers.”


  • Ava can be used for your own business or a client’s to discover your level of marketing innovation in just ten questions.
  • 52% of people prefer texting customer support more than any other method of communication.
  • 100% of smartphone users aged 18-29 use a text messaging function on their phones at least once over the span of a week.
  • The rate of opened and read messages is high at 98%.
  • On average, it only takes 90 seconds for people to reply to a text message compared to 90 minutes for an email.
  • 97% of smartphone owners report using their mobile device for text messaging.
Access to Ava’s expertise is instant, simply message our Connector Facebook page:

Ava has already garnered some great press amongst some of Ireland’s best tech sites, such as Irish Tech News, Tech Buzz Ireland, and the Independent!

So hop onto Connector’s Facebook page, send Ava a message and find out how innovative you are!


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