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Connector: Nupo Case Study

Connector: Nupo Case Study

Connector joined Nupo – the world’s oldest and most well-documented Low-Calorie Diet

Connector are delighted to present our Nupo case study with everyone! Check out the full video below.

Connector joined Nupo – the world’s oldest and most well-documented Low-Calorie Diet to empower people to achieve a new you, this new year.

The brief was clear: Promote Nupo’s great effectiveness and 30 years of proven results, reactivate their communities and get people asking for it in the pharmacies.

The solution was simple – turn Nupo into THE partner for a healthier lifestyle and weight loss when you need it.

We kicked off the redesigning with the Nupo Landing page.

Connector turned their simple landing page into a Virtual Spa, helping people achieve positive experiences with weight loss and keeping the weight off!

After users accessed the site and answered a few quick questions, they started receiving weekly customized information on how to have a healthier and more positive life and were in for a chance of winning a supply of Nupo!

>Kicking off the campaign, we boosted lifestyle bloggers curiosity by send break the glass in emergency boxes with the nupo products and vouchers! If you need to get slim fast, Nupo is there for you.

At the same time, we created a series of content explored educating, inspiring and promoting all nupo benefits.

Nupo was everywhere!! Tips from nutritionists on Youtube, Interactive banner formats promoted across the best Health and Fitness websites in Ireland, social media and more!

By exploring real-time interaction opportunities, every time someone mentioned diets, Nupo interacted providing high-quality content and pointed them to nearest pharmacy.

In two months the results were outstanding.

We increased the social media channels engagement by 12x but more than just delivering people to the social media channels, we increased the amount of people searching for nearest stockists on the site from 270 to 2,600 in one month!

Over 700,000 people were impacted on 730 people joined the virtual spa, and over 50,000 viewed the video campaign. All of this was delivered with 1/7 of the Nupo’s previous PPC only campaign media spend.

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