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Join Connector for an Innovation Lunchtime Workshop!

Join Connector for an Innovation Lunchtime Workshop!

Learn to be more innovative during your lunch break!

At Connector, we have found that leaders want to be more innovative but often need some fresh ideas and new voices from outside the organisation.

Therefore, we have organised in-house Innovation Lunchtime Workshops to give your team an exciting innovation event right in your own offices!

We have developed an expert-guided Innovation Lunchtime Workshop to enable your team to build innovation confidence and competence with techniques, mindsets and behaviours.  We will help them address organisational challenges that exist today but skills they can use again and again into the future.

Developing innovation mindsets can help you increase competitiveness and learning new collaboration tools can help solve problems that matter. Furthermore, accelerating digital transformation can decrease your time to market.

Find more information about the workshops in our slideshare below.

Connector Innovation Lunchtime Workshops from Connector

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