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Connector is helping Irish Pokémon Go fans ‘Catch ‘em All’

Connector is helping Irish Pokémon Go fans ‘Catch ‘em All’

Connector helps catch ’em all!

Pokemon Go, the brand new augmented reality game that has smartphone users of all ages exploring real-life neighborhoods on the hunt for virtual Pokémon characters through their smartphone screens!

Pokémon Go has spread with unbelievable speed. Less than a week after its global launch, the app was installed on twice as many phones as Tinder, had double the engagement rates of Snapchat, and bypassed Twitter in its percentage of daily active users. A sure sign of the game’s viral success and potential.

Connector is all about using digital capabilities to connect communities together and we thought now would be a great chance to reward our online community using one of the fastest growing smartphone VR apps on the market.

We carried out an interactive Pokémon campaign asking our social media followers to give us suggestions on where to activate our 100 Lures across Ireland. Lures are an in-app feature, which as the name suggests, Lures help lure Pokemon to your location.  We were blown away by the amount of Pokemon Go users we managed to interact with.

We connected with local businesses activating lures in top locations and created special moments sending Lures to a nearby blood donation centre to and a children’s’ hospital to help them catch Pokemon and have a special day!

Connector engaged the with Irish Pokémon community managers and top Pokémon events in the city which amplified the campaign. We reached out to university students and events, setting up lures on campuses nationwide resulting in groups of students engaging with us and sending photos.

In less than 3 days hours we reached over 240,000 with over 2,000 people interacting with our online posts and Lures across 36 locations in 6 counties.

Across the 3 days we generated over 5,800 engagements on our social media platforms with the 8,000 official users of Pokémon Go in Ireland and the users who had downloaded the app through foreign servers.


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