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Connector @ Enterprise Ireland eMarketing Workshop

Connector @ Enterprise Ireland eMarketing Workshop

Conor was delighted to present his “Explore the Marketing Universe” talk last Thursday at eMarketing Workshop “Digital Strategies for International Markets” held by Enterprise Ireland.

On Thursday 26th of October, Conor was part of the Enterprise Ireland eMarketing seminar at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Blanchardstown. Conor’s talk was designed to inspire marketers to try something new and innovate within marketing. During the talk Conor presented a series of case study videos which demonstrated some of the best examples of marketing innovation from around the world.

At the end of the session Conor ran a small raffle amongst attendees with the winner getting a pack of Connector´s Global Innovation Game.

Enjoy the presentation and videos below and feel free to share!

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Enterprise Ireland – Connector – 28 10 17 from Connector

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