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Blast off for the Connector Universe Infographic!

Blast off for the Connector Universe Infographic!

The sky is the limit for the Connector Universe Infographic!

Connector has launched the Connector Universe Infographic! The infographic gives interesting stats collated from Global Web Index Q4 2016 for a range of different audiences such as Environmentalists, Food Lovers, Entrepreneurs, Sports Players and more!

To celebrate the launch of the Connector Universe Infographic, we sent it on a space adventure. The infographic took flight on a personalised rocket and went where no infographic has gone before.

Working in partnership with a near-space photography specialist, Connector launched the weather balloon in Shrewsbury, Wales. The balloon was carrying a payload of infographic in paper rocket, one Raspberry Pi computer for logging altitude, temperature and GPS position, two cameras, GPS trackers and parachutes.

Watch the amazing flight below!

We hope that this infographic will give companies and brands some insight into what exactly their audience looks like, where they are online and help them brainstorm new exciting and innovative ways to communicate and connect with them.

To request a copy of the infographic, email:

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