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Download the Connector AR/VR Experience Design canvas!

Download the Connector AR/VR Experience Design canvas!

Explore the potential of AR/VR with the Connector AR/VR Experience Canvas!

With the total number of active Virtual Reality users forecast to reach 171 Million by 2018, the AR/VR market is booming all over the world. In Ireland alone, 4 in 10 people stated that they are interested in using AR/VR (Global Web Index).

We are seeing more and more companies utilise this new form of technology as new, affordable technology decreases the barriers to entry.

Connector has created a framework for creatives and marketers to explore the universe of AR/VR possibilities for businesses.

Our one-page framework helps you to brainstorm, plan and design an innovative and special AR/VR experience for your business in just under 20 minutes. Using the framework, anyone can start their immersive marketing efforts and join the 30% of consumer-facing companies in the Forbes Global 2000 planning on experimenting with AR and VR as part of their marketing efforts in 2017.

Start exploring the potential of AR/VR now!

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