Leveraging social media for customer satisfaction and business success

Leveraging social media for customer satisfaction and business success

Whether you’re a social media newbie or a social media maverick, there’s no denying that if you want a successful company, you’re probably going to need to be on social media in some form. With the advent of that ever elusive, ever popular phrase inbound marketing, the aim of the game is to now draw your customers in from outside, rather than push messages out to them. When it comes to locating these customers, you can be sure that an ever wider demographic of people, AKA your customers, can be found on social media, so if you’re not on social media, you’re probably missing out. Nearly 80% of companies surveyed by The Harvard Review in 2014 are currently using, or are planning on launching, social media soon. So, when are you starting?

Social media has created a two way channel of communication where customers are not afraid to tell companies what they think of them, but equally, companies have a change to delight and connect with their customer. Here at Connector, we’re always talking about how important it is to tune in to your customers, listen to what they’re saying, what they want from you and learn how to engage with them to build relationships. But today, we want to talk about just how you get started on social media, how to keep up with social media and what you can hope to get out of all your efforts.

Social media sites, in the most formal, textbook definition sense, are websites and applications that enable users to create and share content and participate in social networking i.e chatting with friends, making new connections, sharing opinions, insights or gossip, posting photos, videos and so much more. Social media and the proliferation of social networks has truly exploded since the days of MySpace, and the diversity of social networks that currently exist – such as Tumblr for artists, Vine for videographers, Instagram for photographers, Twitter for political activists and news junkies – is huge, and only increasing every day. The emergence of new networks such as Medium, Snapchat and Pinterest means that marketers now have an even larger array of networks which they could possibly be active on.

So that means you should get stuck in there and start a profile on all the current, trending social media platforms that are out there, right?


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Leveraging Social Media for Jobseekers

We all know how difficult it is to find a job and in the current climate it’s even more challenging. It’s easy to get disenchanted with the whole process and get distracted by social media. But did you know that these days, social media might be one of the keys to getting your next job? 

In this case study, we’ll show you how you can leverage social media to your advantage, helping you stand out from the crowd.

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5 Top Tips for Super Social Customer Service

5 Top Tips for Super Social Customer Service

Great customer service is the key to keeping everybody happy but in our changing world where customers are increasingly online, gone are the days of in store help desks, telephone helplines and even email assistance. Customers want their customer service online on social media and wise businesses know that wherever your customers go, you should follow. Enter social customer service.

Social customer service means transferring your customer help desk from your store to your social media profiles. A recent report by Accent Marketing revealed some staggering facts about social customer service – that nearly a third of customers use Facebook to contact a customer service representative, that half of those people believe Facebook is the fastest way to solve customer service issues and that nearly half of those expect to have their comment or query answered within an hour. With statistics like that, any business that does not consider social media a customer service tool should be changing their tune and getting on board with social customer service – fast. But how do you do that? Read more